Starting from the integrity, Generous Group can provide the innovative, environmental-protective and advanced service supporting, and create value with the joint efforts of customer, staff and supplier. At the same time, it can repay the society, community, staff and shareholder to seek the sustainable management and development.

Through the cooperation with the domestic universities and world-class suppliers, we can provide the internship R&D platform, assist to develop the industrial standard, introduce the high-end talent, and construct the partnership with supplier, customer and staff as a state-level high-tech enterprise.

The Group focuses on the research and development, production and sales of polyurethane raw material, semi-finished product and cost. The range of product includes: thermostat hydrophilic memory cotton, thermostat hydrophilic latex memory cotton, thermostat hydrophilic air pillow, temperature-sensitive memory cotton, gel, underwear sponge, car sponge, electric massage bed, environmentally friendly water-based glue, etc. The business scope covers: construction, automobile, footwear, garment, electronics, bedding, etc.

In order to provide good customer service and better supporting, based on the independent innovation and combined with the modern industrial and commercial design concept, it adopts unique high-quality environmental-friendly material, and provides the most reliable and trustworthy service with standardized production technology and management.

In order to extend the product value and life, we also create own brand and trademark, pay attention to the protection of intellectual property right, apply for the patent, encourage the innovation, and invest the R&D resources. Currently, the owned trademarks include: GuLeshi, Coolux, Ecol Great, Yike Dafang, etc.


With the attitude of people-oriented and talent-appreciation, it integrates the high-end management, research and development, and design talents in Taiwan and the mainland, creates the free innovation and R&D environment, provides good supporting environment and equipment resource, combines with the local universities and world-class suppliers to provide the platform for the application of internship and R&D.

Based on the differentiation, we hope to create greater value for customers, suppliers, staff and the society under the collective innovation and effort of the team.

Environmental protection:

With the concept and persistence of sustainable management, we insist on providing a safe working and living environment for the staff, and providing safe and environmental-protective products for customers.

With the most advanced material and equipment, strict internal pollution environment management, we have invested the resource and improved the research and development to make our products and factory have the world-class leading safety and environmental-protective performance.

This is our persistence and commitment.


Initiative and caring —— Beautiful and generous, service the world.

Based on the promotion of ISO standardized SOP process platform, we establish the trustworthy and reliable service basis.

With the continuous improvement, we can form the partnership with customer, supplier, management team and staff, integrate the internal and external resources, and provide the best qualified and security service for customers.

Service One —— Integrated service and initiative service.

Contact us

Address:Xishang Industrial park, Shishan Zhen, QuanZhou City, Fujian Province, China



E-mail:[email protected][email protected]



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